About Us

New technologies in the world allows for advancement in processing of raw material including coffee. Air roasting is coffee that uses advanced methodologies to produce the maximum flavour without burning the coffee beans in the process. As a coffee lover this passion is now available to all to enjoy. With online sales been the safe option we have decided to bring Air roasted coffee to your front door. Established in 2020 by a young entrepreneur, Allwyn Jamieson brings the best of South African young business to you with the daily cup of goodness.

We are a VAT Registered Company

Local is Lekker

When you support “De Stress O”, you’re supporting the local South African Community.

High Quality

Produced from the finest coffee beans available today and air roasted with care.

A New Meaning

We change the meaning of De Stress O to “a limitless supply of coffee at your finger tips”.

Our Mission

Survive Everyday with Coffee.

Our Vision

Change the words “leave me alone” too “good morning honey” with our coffee

Core Values

PASSION for People, Service, Knowledge and Business